Catamaran Building - Antarctica Expedition 2011

ACCIONA Windpowered Antarctica 90ºS Team Presentation

Last Preparations Before Antarctica Expedition

Barajas-Madrid Airport. Antarctic Expedition.

The team at Cape Town.

Travel to Antarctica from Cape Town.

Amundsen. A hundred years after his reach to the South Pole.


Juan Pablo Albar interview

Merry Christmas Card -Acciona Antarctica-

Photographic Equipment's Expedition

Ramón Larramendi & Bubi Sansó: Windpowered & Ecopowered -Acciona-

New Year´s Eve 2005 with Juanma Viu & Ramón Larramendi

Happy New Year 2012 from Acciona Windpowered Antarctica

Arrival at The South Pole of Acciona Antarctica Windpowered Expedition

Ramón Larramendi & the Acciona Windpowered sled

Breaking records with Acciona Windpowered Antarctica Expedition

The AMUNDSEN-SCOTT Scientific Base

The First Aid Kit of the Acciona Antarctica Expedition

Scott's Tribute by Acciona Windpowered Antarctica

Acciona's Expedition at their arrival at Madrid Airport

The 2.0 Event where bloggers meet the expeditionaries

ACCIONA Windpowered Antarctica Expedition's -Official Video-

ACCIONA Windpowered Antarctica: Aim achieved

Greenland's 2014 Circumnavigation view
Official Video view
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